Banquet Chairs For Christmas and New Year’s

Now that the Christmas and New Year celebrations are approaching many clubs, hotels and restaurants are thinking how they will accommodate the extra customers that these busy times should bring. It can be difficult storing and paying for enough extra conventional wooden dining chairs throughout the year and it is often not cost effective because although the revenue generated over this short time is substantial, it is of course only for one month of the year. One way of avoiding this problem is to hire in the extra furniture needed.

There are many Companies throughout the UK specialising in this, holding large stocks of banqueting furniture that can be hired on a short or medium term basis at reasonable cost. These Companies understand the importance of servicing these peak times and can offer banquet chairs or tables at daily, weekly or monthly rates. An average price for banquet chairs by the day is around £2 per chair, but often these Companies will have heavily discounted prices for weekly or monthly use because to them most of their overheads are generated in delivering and collecting the banquet chairs.

The price for a weeks rental is often only twice the daily rate and maybe 6 times the daily rate for a whole month. This sounds like great value, but recently Companies specialising in the sale of banquet furniture have been forced by the global economic downturn to considerably reduce the prices of their ranges in order to maintain their sales.

Right now, a quick search on Google under ‘stacking chairs’ or ‘banquet chairs’ will bring up a host of Companies offering banqueting furniture, with prices for upholstered steel framed banquet chairs under £12, which is half the lowest price available just a few years ago and is equal to the price that the hotelier would pay for the months rental. Many of these banquet chairs are imported from the far east so it is very important for the buyer to assure themselves that the frames have been tested for strength by an independent and preferably British testing Company, for e.g. FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association) and that the upholstery fabric and foam filling are flame retardant and comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) 1988 Regulations. These steel banquet chairs are attractive and functional and are offered with the additional advantage of being stackable so that one of the objections to buying quantities of furniture for short term ‘peak’ demand is overcome to some degree. These banquet chairs can be bought with gold frame colour which is the most popular for times of celebration or in other colours, silver and black being popular too. The frame design is available in a variety of shapes too, from the simple square back design to the more decorative ‘balloon’ back.

For a more upmarket look the same designs of banquet chairs can be found with an aluminum frame, usually in a thicker 25mm square section tubing, which although it looks more substantial than it’s steel counterpart, is actually approximately 25% lighter, making them easier to transport when not in use. As the aluminum tube is made by an extrusion process, it is possible to have an attractive fluted design on the frame tubes with little extra cost. The aluminum banquet chairs start around £20 including upholstery. Like the steel chairs these are available in standard British Standard colours and have recently been offered with a wood effect using a printed film process that is applied to the aluminum tube after the chair has been manufactured and then ‘baked’ on to the frame in a kiln. This can be very effective and makes the chairs fit in to interior decorations that have a more traditional look. The process gives a finish that is as hard wearing as powder coating.

What is Shopfitting?

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What is Shopfitting

Most of the time, when approached by customers who are unfamiliar with the term ‘shopfitting’ or ‘shop fitting’, they would ask us if it meant that the shelves were made to fit perfectly into a space. In order to understand what shopfitting means, we have to take a look at how the term came about. The term was coined by the engineering industry as a means of describing a solution that helps maximize available space to store all things that required. In short, it is a form of space management…which is very important for retailers and store owners.

When you use the professional services of a shopfitting expert, that person’s first job is to get learn about the space, measure it, analyze it and then prepare a design and giving you a proposal on how to best make use of the given space. You can’t quite do this with ready-to-roll-out shelving systems unless you measured the space very well or hire an interior designer to come up with a plan for you. In a lot of ways, a shopfitting expert is like an interior designer…only without the fancy frills. The main focus on the agenda of a shopfitting expert is to maximize storage space.

Modular shopfitting solutions are popular because they are very flexible and they bend with time. That is why many retail outlets, magazine and book stores and school departments choose to use them to manage the space that they have. Some solutions actually helps manage length and width and height of the space, molding the shelves in and around the space, providing optimal usage.

Gondolas are also extremely popular modular shopfitting solutions because it is easily installed, dismantled and then put together again. The really good gondolas are the ones that can be transformed into anything within minutes. For example, you should be able to transform the gondola into a revolving free-standing display rack or take it apart and turn it into a wall display shelf. The flexibility of these gondolas depends on the make and design of the shopfitting solution. Discuss this in detail with the provider before purchase.

Some shopfitting solutions are made out of metal or timber finishes. While they are much more elegant to look at, they are harder to care for. These shelves are often used by retailers selling furniture, leather, electronics or jewelry – they need the effect, you see. If you don’t need a ‘glamorous’ design for your store, you should consult with the shopfitting experts instead.

Make it fun while scouting around for the right shelves, it is not as tedious as you think when you have a little bit of help.

Ann Y is part of one of the most aggressive leader in the shopfitting solution service industry. Expanding its reach across the globe is not in the works. For more interesting and useful information and articles on how to find shopfitting and exhibition display units, visit

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4 Reasons To Consider Nomad Furniture American Made Beds

Nomad Furniture located in the Sandia foothills of Albuquerque New Mexico is an American manufacturer quietly building custom affordable solid wood bedroom furniture. This brand of furniture offers simple yet sturdy designs available in over a dozen different styles. In addition many customizable options can be selected including headboard, height, slat and rush options. Offering an assortment of customizable choices has made Nomad Furniture a popular choice for those seeking a more economical and better built alternative in bedroom furniture.

If you take a quick look at the current American furniture market today sadly much of it is saturated with cheap, low price, low quality furniture imported in from countries such as China, Vietnam or Malaysia. Import beds are generally offered in just a few specific sizes such as queen or king and in only one color or a few different color options if you’re lucky. No customizable options exist because these beds are boxed in Asia and shipped overseas in containers with the idea that they are sold as is by the companies that warehouse them here in the states. Warranties are generally one year on import beds simply because parts are so difficult to obtain from overseas factories. The one thing imported beds do have going for them though is an attractive low price.

Nomad Furniture offers you a different, better way of shopping for bed sizes. This American manufactured line of bedroom furniture is made available in all popular sizes such as twin, full, queen and king sizes. In addition harder to find sizes are also available which include twin XL, full XL and California king. Because the company custom builds each bed to order they can even manufacturer other sizes not listed here on a special order basis. Size is never an issue with Nomad Furniture beds.

When shopping for a bed you might often find yourself looking at a style of bed wishing the headboard was taller or perhaps wishing the height of the bed foundation was higher. With import beds you’re stuck with what you see is what you get. Nomad Furniture however offers customizable options that let you change the bed to your needs. Over the years options have been created from customer requests for specific changes to beds making them just right for whatever room they need to go into. The bigger gap option was created to raise the height of the headboard to various levels above the platform for thicker mattresses. Another option called the higher bed is offered for those who want more space beneath the bed or for the platform of the bed to sit at a higher level. Many more standard options are available from Nomad to help customize your bed.

One of the most important components to a bed are the materials used to build it. Import beds manufactured overseas are generally made from available Southeast Asian woods which include Ramin, Almaciga, Lauan and many others. If not solid those beds will feature a real wood laminate or veneer over the surface with a particle board core. In contrast Nomad Furniture beds are made from solid American hardwoods which have stood up against harsh winters making them even more durable. Red oak and hard rock maple are the two featured domestic North American hardwoods available in each Nomad bed. Slat systems are constructed using a durable poplar hardwood.

Nomad Furniture beds are original designs created more than 25 years ago by Dave Cady who is a professional woodworker and cabinet maker. His beds are manufactured with a steel on steel connection system which ensures proper connection and strength and each connecting joint. Each crosspiece and rail has a steel bracket manufactured into the end of each piece. Leg posts are manufactured with pre-mounted steel screws. These steel screws fit and lock into the steel bracket located in the ends of each rail and crosspiece. A solid connection is achieved when these are connected together making this proven bed design among the best in affordable solid wood furniture. Because of this Nomad offers a five year warranty on all of its furniture.

From all of this we can see an American manufacturer who offers a quality solid wood product that compares more favorably against overseas imports. Remember that Nomad Furniture beds can be ordered in all standard, extra long or even custom sizes. Important also are that these beds feature a wide assortment of options that let you customize the look and appearance of your bed to what you need. Another noteworthy point is that these beds are all made from domestic woods such as oak, maple and poplar hardwoods. Most of all Nomad guarantees its products for a period of five years. The opposite must be said about import beds as you just don’t have the same options, choices or warranty available. If you’re looking for an affordable, well built American made bed for your home that you can customize then Nomad Furniture beds may be what you’ve been looking for.

10 Shopping Destinations in Malaysia

If one would ask someone which is the best place to go shopping, Malaysia would definitely be on top of the list. Malaysia is one of the best shopping places in the world and everyone will definitely have fun shopping here.

Listed are the ten best places to shop around Malaysia:

1. 1 Utama Shopping center – located at Bandar Utama, which the locals called 1U. It is one of the best shopping malls in Malaysia where one can see the best finds. There are so much to see here like wardrobes, furniture, home wares and a lot more. There are also places around the mall where one can enjoy various activities like bowling and fitness centers. One can also find the best variety of delicious foods in 1U shopping center.

2. The Mid Valley Mega mall – located in Kuala Lumpur that is a mega complex with office buildings and hotels. There are lots to find here with such as local and international goods. One will always find the things he need and even the interesting things he never would expect to find.

3. Suria KLCC – located Kuala Lumpur, at the foot of the very famous Petronas twin towers. One may not only get to find the latest and most interesting finds, but also to see one of the most beautiful and tallest buildings. There is also a park outside the Suria KLCC where is an ideal place to rest after a whole day of shopping.

4. Sunway Pyramid – located in Bandar Sunway. This shopping center is famous for its unique Egyptian theme. You probably know this as the place in Malaysia with a big replica of a lion’s head at its main entrance. Other feature that makes this shopping center is famous for is because it has an ice skating rink inside, and is the first in Malaysia having a skating area within a shopping mall.

5. Star Hill Gallery – located in Kuala Lumpur, has items that are made by both local and international designers. There are also dining stores where one can rest and eat after a tiring but exciting shopping spree.

6. China Town – located in Kuala Lumpur, along the Petaling Street and is a lively marketplace where one can find lots of Chinese goods and products. There are lots of things being sold here such as medicines, herbs, electronic products, home wares and other interesting stuffs. The street is quiet very crowded from late afternoons until the late evenings.

7. Low Yat Plaza – found in Kuala Lumpur, and a very well known place to find IT products and materials. Everything that involves IT stuffs is found here. From computer parts to graphic cards with all the latest and premium brands, Low Yat Plaza is where you can find all of them.

8. Mid Valley Mega Mall – located in Kuala Lumpur and is one of the biggest shopping malls in Asia. A very wide variety of shopping stalls and outlets are found here including bookstores, dining stores, and entertainment sections. The mall also is very artistically designed with modern quality that is so much adored by shoppers.

9. Berjaya Time Square – located in Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, one of the latest shopping malls in Malaysia. The building id quiet very spacious with its large area that is almost like a tower-mall.

10. Sungai Wang Plaza – also located in Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur. A vast variety of stores are found here with several dining shops and cafés within the mall.

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